Do You Speak Corona? In Fryslân, the health situation is good, the language not so much

The regional news bulletin called Hjoed meaning Today is broadcast daily at It is also available on cable both analogue and digital , satellite and the internet. Out of these 36 hours, 15 hours are assigned for school television in West Frisian. The rest of the airtime is mainly used for documentaries, which are broadcast on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons on NPO 2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Mata Hari the femme fatale grew up here. Although Friesland lies within the boundaries of the Netherlands, its people speak a language of their own and when they refer to foreign visitors, they generally mean the Dutch. Frisians regard themselves as Frisians first, Dutch second—if at all—and it’s not just regional pride. They were the first settlers in the Netherlands. They did build its first dikes, fight its first battles against the Romans. Their land may resemble the rest of the Netherlands—flat, crisscrossed by canals and dotted with windmills —but in this the most densely populated country in the world, the province of Friesland is uncrowded; there’s much more greenery here, more bikes than automobiles on the roads.

Certainly anyone driving up to Friesland by the coastal auto route from Amsterdam feels he’s driving into another country. On the left is the North Sea; on the right the former Zuider now the lisselmeer, an artificial lake. Thirty years ago at the halfway point—when land disappears from view —Hitler’s forces paused in their retreat to open up the sluices and flood the West Friesland polder. For four or five days visitars are welcome aboard the big ships and their skippers will take paying anglers and tourists out to sea.

Outside the restaurant is a statue of the legendary Dutch boy who saved Holland by putting his thumb in a hole in the dike. From Harlingen and other departure points the visitor can take a ferry to the islands of Ameland, Vlieland, Terschelling and Schiermonnikoog, stepping stones across Holland’s northernmcst region. A million wild birds breed or live on the islands, and for six million rnigraezry birds they constitute the last safe stopover on Western Europe’s flyway.

Omrop Fryslân

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Fire of Fryslan (Tales of Skylge Book 3) – Kindle edition by Minkman, Jen. Page Numbers Source ISBN: ; Publication Date: June 1, ; Sold by.

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Friesland: Within the Netherlands But a Place Apart

The Subsurface Key Register BRO contains increasingly more accurate data on opportunities, challenges and risks related to the subsurface. It ensures that government authorities are better equipped to solve current public challenges such as the energy transition and climate adaptation. The fact that the use of up-to-date, reliable subsurface data in practical examples related to a number of areas adds value is becoming evident again in the town of Ede and in Friesland province, where the Subsurface Key Register serves as the basis for a climate-proof city and sustainable peatland.

Climate change gives rise to wetter, dryer, warmer and more extreme weather, causing an increase in economic losses from drought and flooding.

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The number of inhabitants is the number of persons as registered in the population register on January 1st. The numbers at the map represent the following boroughs: 1: borough Wijk 13 Bouwhoek, 2: borough Wijk 20 Littenseradiel, 3: borough Wijk 14 Weidestreek Oost, 4: borough Wijk 15 Weidestreek West, 5: borough Wijk 19 Boarnsterhim Show more Show less This value is determined yearly by the local government and used for several legal and taxation purposes.

Population, civil status: percentage of inhabitants by civil status see the explanation for the definitions of marital status, divorced and widowed. Select a category to display the related topics:. Download all data for all years and all regional levels for The Netherlands as a whole or a specific municipality. Try this example download for free. The downloads are currently still in Dutch, translation can be prioritised on request.

Current Local Time in Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands

Frisian is a West Germanic language spoken in its West Frisian form by an estimated , people in the province of Friesland, where the total population is around ,, and by another , Frisians who left Friesland to find work elsewhere in the Netherlands. Frisians are bilingual in Frisian and Dutch. The capital of Friesland is Liouwert Leeuwarden. There are two regional dialects in Friesland, Stellingwerf in the south east and Bilts in the north west, and two other versions, North and Saterlandic Frisian spoken in Germany.

Friesland [] (West Frisian: Fryslân, Dutch: Friesland) is a Kaatsen is a sport dating to the middle ages, still being practised in Friesland.

Only of the , inhabitants are infected. Language loss is a clear and present danger in the Frisian community, and the Chairman offered two examples of this from the curent situation. She started in Frisian, but after a short time changed to Dutch. The death rate is decreasing, and primary schools restarted on Monday 11 May. Secondary schools will start in June.

Public transport is also restarting, from 2 June citizens are allowed to use trains, but wearing a mask during travel will be compulsory. The online questionnaire focused on the availability of information related to COVID in general, healthcare information related to the outbreak, the existence of an emergency hotline operated in minority language and the availability of online education in minority language.

The short report on the results is here and you can download the whole report in PDF format by clicking here.

BRO proves added value in Ede and Friesland

It had a population of around 1, in January The Dokkumer Ee canal, connecting Dokkum and Leeuwarden , runs straight through the village centre. Annually, more than ten thousand ships and boats pass through Burdaard. The village is one of the few settlements which is visited twice by ice skaters in the Elfstedentocht.

First air date, February, Links. Webcast · Listen Live. Website, omropfryslan​.nl. Omrop Fryslân is a broadcaster on the NPO which serves the Frisian community. Because West.

Harlingen, or Harns in the Frisian language, is the port city of Friesland and an important centre of industry, shipping and fishing with daily ferries to the Frisian islands of Vlieland and Terschelling. Probably the most beautiful area of the city of Harlingen is the Noorderhaven Northern harbour , dug in Pride of place here is the baroque Town Hall, dating from and beautifully restored in As the industrial harbour is now on the outskirts of the city, the Noorderhaven is presently a haven for tourists’ yachts that find a safe and picturesque anchorage here.

Harlingen’s maritime history is obvious as its harbours dominate the city. The Noorderhaven Northern Harbour is wonderfully restored, with its monumental warehouses. A lock leads into the Binnenhaven Inner Harbour and, via another lock, into the Outer harbour and the Waddenzee, the sea between the mainland and the Frisian islands. Every year around the end of August he city is the venue of the ” Visserijdagen ” Fishery Days an annual festival celebrating its connection to the sea.

To the south of the centre is the Zuiderhaven Southern Harbour and beyond that the Westerzeedijk Western Sea dyke , protecting the low-lying land from the sea.

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